The Founder artwork by Mister G

The Founder

The Founder artwork by Mister GDirector: John Lee Hancock / Script: Robert D. Siegel / Editing: Robert Frazen / DP: John Schwartzman

Cast: Michael Keaton / Nick Offerman / John Carrol Lynch / Linda Cardellini / Laura Dern / B. J. Novak  

Year: 2016

Welcome to Burger Town…


I’ve a soft spot for these biz-biopics, showing how things come together… ‘The Social Network’. ‘Jobs’. And now ‘The Founder’ from 2016, featuring the mesmeric Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc.

While the McDonald brothers might have originated the concept of the focussed burger restaurant, it was Kroc – a born salesman who could never take no for an answer – who took the concept and ran with it. Yes, you can see where it’s all leading, but stick around for the journey: it has its moments.

You can read this picture, as part-cautionary tale and part-inspirational manual and, for the most part, screenwriter Robert Siegel keeps things bouncing along, as we hit all the big notes expected of a project like this. The ‘lightbulb moment’ when our protagonist sees the light for the first time. Persuading the gatekeeper to open the door. Once through, a little flailing to adapt to its new constraints as you seeks ways to work around them. Persuading the other half to go accept your secret re-mortagaging of the house. Then divorcing her, once you’ve tired of her nagging and her lack of vision. Oh, and don’t forget the blond wife of a colleague who, you just know, is going to end up as Wife #2.

And so on. Turns-out, there really ARE only so many ways you can make an omelette, after all…

If I saw a competitor drowning, I’d shove a hose down his throat.

No FULL Review this time, but my Triple Word Score?


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